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We provide door to door Car Transport & Car Shipping Services from the USA to Bremerhaven, Germany. At Bremerhaven, DE the 2 main Shipping methods available to Germany are the Ro/Ro Method and the Containerized method departing from the USA. Discounted Car Transport is available to the nearest port if you plan on Shipping with us from the USA. Ask for our Military & Family Discounts, Car Dealership Discounts, Elderly Discount Today ! We have several shipping lines on the East & West Coast departing to Germany every week. We provide you with a checklist of all documents before shipping.



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Roll On/ Roll Off Shipping Vessel Departure Ports in the USA
Jacksonville, FL Long Beach, CA Galveston,TX Brunswick, GA Newark, NJ
Portsmouth,Va Baltimore, MD Newport News, VA Portsmouth, VA Chareston, SC
Arrival Ports in Germany
Bremerhaven Germany


Roll On /Roll Off Shipping

Ship Car to Germany with ease using one of our Roll On/ Roll Off vessels similar to the one to your right. Roll On / Roll Off is the most cost effective, safe, and easiest solution. Its very safe as there are no cranes involved. The car simply drives unto the ship and is tied down with straps to the inside hull of the ship with virtually no movement for a safe journey. BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen and all major car companies use this method in shipping cars to countries all over the Globe.





Container Shipping Vessel Departure Ports in the USA
Miami,FL Long Beach, CA Houston,TX Charleston, SC Newark, NJ
Arrival Ports in Germany (Shared & Full Container)
Bremerhaven, Germany

Containerized Car Shipping

This method is also a safest way to ship car to Germany. Car shipping to Germany or any other country, is a simple task. There are many more cargo ships available so they are able to sail into remote parts of the world whereas a RoRo ship cannot readily do so. Cars transported to destinations worldwide can be relocated in our shipping containers that are always inspected prior to shipment. Soft webbing secures each car into place in the container to ensure that no marks are left on the vehicle during transportation. The container is then sealed and secured by our packers to safeguard the car from damage. With these regulations in place high value Exotic and Classic Car Transport is safe in the hands of our Car Shipping specialists.

There are many benefits of using a container ship to transport your car from USA to Germany. This method is great if you are shipping:

Shipping multiple cars - Need to ship a car and your belongings - Need a shared or exclusive container Shared Container - Load items inside a vehicle.

Many foreign students share a container since they don't have to ship large objects. A Full 40ft Container is to be used If a person is moving and needs to ship a car along with large household items, renting a full container would be the logical choice of shipping.





Important Notice:

Contact the nearest German Consulate to find out the the current tax rates! Since this rate is a percentage, it is going to differ on the value of the car. US Military personnel don't need to call. Alternatively you can contact them in Washington, DC. Tax and fees are payable at the arrival destination port. It is approximately 135 Euros to offload your vehicle if you are using a RoRo ship. This is payable upon pickup of the vehicle. When shipping a car to Germany as a private person and your final destination is another country, you will be charged 30% tax on the value of the vehicle. This is refundable once you register your car in your country.

GERMAN CITZENS pay 10% customs taxes + 19% VAT. This will not apply if you can show residence out of Germany for more than one year. If vehicle owned by the German citizen is not owned for 6 months and residency is out of Germany for one year, then duty is payable. All US military personnel must obtain special military Tags from the officer in charge of transport before picking up the vehicle. These are the stickers that go on the bottom driver-side of the windshield. This will exempt military personnel from paying taxes.

TOURISTS & FOREIGNER'S pay a 30% tax to be refunded once the car is shipped back to the United States. You will need the original title of the vehicle you are looking to ship. The title must be free and clear of any liens, unless the owner of the car is in the US military. You will also need a dock receipt. If you are an active military personnel and there is a lien on the Title, then an Original Notarized Lien Authorization Letter PLUS 3 Notarized copies of the title (front and back), or an Electronic Title, with your military orders is needed. You will also need a dock receipt Absolutely no items are permitted in the vehicle. Your vehicle must be in good working condition. Jack and spare tire only are permitted. US military members usually pick up their vehicles and drive it to their bases. Private people sometimes drive the vehicles to their destinations or pick up the car from the port in Bremerhaven.

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